If you are travelling to Libya it is important that you have the right travel insurance.

The Five Essential Coverage of a Travel Insurance

A travel insurance is a must-have in backpacking. It is one of the essential tools that provides financial protection against losses and damages when unexpected circumstances take place. Like any other insurances, a travel insurance has pros and cons. The coverage varies on the insurer but most of the time, it covers five essential situations; trip cancellation, accidental death or flight accident, emergency medical evaluation, major medical expenses and travel medical expenses.

Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation, interruption and delay are very common situations experienced by backpackers. For some reasons, it can be a disruption to anyone’s itinerary, especially if the traveler has an approaching activity to do. That is why, most travel insurance have a trip cancellation coverage to cover the costs of delayed or cancelled flights. The trip cancellation insurance is only applicable to conditions like weather related issues, injury or illness, delated visa or passport processing, business conflicts or sudden change of mind. It also covers incidents like fire or flood in the backpacker’s house, acts of terrorism or an accident that caused the delay of flights.

Medical Issues

Becoming ill or injured while travelling is always unexpected. There are some people who cannot adapt the temperature of the place, the lifestyle or the food available for consumption, which can lead to medical illness and hospitalization. Some people also encountered accidents or injury while travelling. Hence, immediate intervention is required. Through a travel insurance with medical protection, an insured individual will never think of the possible cost when he/she is ill or injured.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

One of the things that backpackers do is to discover places that are not often visited by tourists. These remote rural areas may give remarkable experiences but can be risky if one is injured or ill. However, backpackers with travel insurance that has an emergency medical evacuation coverage can enjoy a free or low cost evacuation or transportation of medical facilities. They can have access to medical facilities should they become stranded in areas where healthcare services are not available.

Accidental death

Most travel insurance have an accidental death coverage. If the backpacker is involved in an accident that caused his/her life, the surviving beneficiaries can claim a certain amount of money from the insurance company.

Specialized coverage

Some travel insurance has specialized coverage for athletes, expatriates or business travelers. This is exclusively offered to individuals who have different needs while travelling. For instance, athletes on extreme sports might need an insurance for sports related injury and equipment damages. If ever their lives are at risk, they are covered by the specialized coverage of their policy.

Coverage in conflict zones

If you are travelling to Libya it is important to check whether or not your insurance covers in high risk areas or conflict zones. Some travel insurances may not cover in high risk areas.

Final thoughts

Understanding your needs are important in purchasing a travel insurance. The more coverage you get, the higher the cost of the premium. However, you can definitely enjoy such financial protection when crisis strikes. Always remember that travelling can be fun and memorable, but sometimes, it can be traumatic. So to avoid the risks, better be insured by a good travel insurance.

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