Libyan Tourism

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There is a wide various collection of tourist resources available in Libya, spreading on a vast area in the country. This includes landmarks, fascinating landscapes, such coastal and rocky beaches and lakes, in the Mediterranean coast, Eljabel Elakhdar (Green Mountain), Eljabel Elgharbi (West Mountain), and several landscapes in the Libyan desert (Sahara). The man achievements represented in old buildings and cities, historical antique arts, customs, traditions and folklores which are considered having high importance due to its antiquity, originality and belonging to historical eras and epochs before Christ. The types of plants and animals, despite its unavailability with big number, form a factor of those of tourist attraction in the country, namely, as example, desert plants, multi-heads turtles, in addition to several types of birds such as hawks partridges.

Due to the curent security situation in Libya we advice all visitors to Libya to read the travel advice for Libya made by their respective home countries before entering Libya. We also advice to arrange secure transportation in Libya before arrival.

Commercial air transport to Libya is not operating normally. For news about commercial airlines to and from Libya visit the Libyan Aviation News.

Libya Travel

If you are planning to have staff or employees working or traveling to Libya you should consider hostile environment awareness training for your employees prior to their arrival. The employees should also be covered by a travel insurance.

Travel Insurance – A Need to Know guide

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Travel insurance provides a shield for holiday costs, against harmful occurrences like cancellation and disruption and also reimburses medical costs, destruction or loss of property and transit postponements.

Very many tourists and vacationers buy a kind of insurance each year; however, few individuals are truly aware of what it entails and how to describe it.

If you are aware of what it constitutes and what it does not, you shall manage to benefit from your protection and obtain a fair reimbursement.

Travel Insurance has four key sections:

Health and Medical purposes

Urgent Evacuation: This ensures urgent transportation to a neighboring hospital in case the tourist cannot go on their own, or return to a hospital close to the tourist’s home town. In case members of the family are covered on similar policy, they can return home as well.

Medical Purposes: This refunds medical and dental expenses which are urgent. Almost all vacation holiday plans operate by refunding the tourist after they make local payment for treatment. Normally, claims are paid in 7 to 10 working days. Medical conditions that are pre-existing are covered by majority of policies in case the policy is bought within (maximum) 2 days from the date the initial deposit or payment was made by the tourist.

Delays and Cancellation or Curtailment

Cancellation: Reimbursement is implemented if tourists have booked for a vacation and submitted payment but cannot proceed due to personal sickness or injury, demise (of the person or member of family), bad climate conditions, terrorism, transport strikes, unexpected loss of job, bankruptcy, jury duty or experiencing critical destruction to their home, making it uninhabitable because of flooding or fire.

Delay: Here, the tourists are reimbursed for clothing, food and hotel costs in case of a delay in flight. Also, some plans cover expenses linked to embarking on a cruise in case another delay makes the tourist miss embarkation.

Interruption: Insurance firms submit cash to policy holders overseas if they need to shorten their trip because of sickness, demise (of the tourist or member of family), climate, terrorism, bankruptcy, airline strikes, unexpected loss of job and other harmful situations which signify that because of occurrences beyond the tourist’s control, a trip needs to be cut short.


Accidental Demise: Covers demise or dismemberment during your trip at any time. Normally guarantees the least amount of coverage because of increased risk.

Air Flight Accident: This covers demise or dismemberment in the course of only air flight. Normally guarantees the hugest amount of coverage because of fairly low possibility of this happening.

Common carrier:  Covers demise or dismemberment while being transported on public means like a ferry, plane, bus, taxi or train.

Loss or destruction of property

Luggage loss: Reimburses tourists for stolen, lost or destroyed personal effects. Normally, this coverage is limited to the length of the journey and is not restricted to luggage lost or destroyed by the airline. Two policy limits exist:

  • Total claim
  • Per item maximum

Also, some policies place restrictions on the kind of items for which claims can be made, for instance laptops, sporting items and precious jewellery.

Hire Car Damage: Here, tourists are reimbursed for destruction or loss to a rental car. It is formulated to enable the tourist to refuse collision damage waiver (CDW) coverage provided by the vehicle rental firms. Read more about this on Bilforsikring.

Liability coverage needs to be bought via the vehicle rental firm. Coverage for Rental Car damage is also many times included with the credit card utilized to pay for the vehicle rental, which normally matches the coverage offered in the policy.

Assistance Services: Promises advice through telephone (24-hour collect) and assistance services to tourists. It is possible to utilize this service whenever a tourist needs advice. Ensure you maintain a copy of this number in numerous areas in your baggage or on yourself as you move from place to place.